Ocean Resources

    High Fortune Group has a management team with more than fifteen-year solid experience in global sourcing, risk management and professional operation in the industry. Over the years, the group actively committed to global for the development and procurement of various of bulk protein and feed raw material .

    Use the procurement mode of “ quality price guidance ,direct bulk purchase in global”. To develop the trade of fishmeal、fish oil( including Omega-3 fish oil) and fish oil refining; and the import and sale of U.S.A DDGS and U.S.A rice bran. The business for Pre-packaged food wholesale; Established a lasting and stable strategic cooperative partnership with high protein and energy feed raw material international suppliers such as Chile、Peru、Ecuador、Argentina、 USA、New Zealand、Australia etc. and large domestic feed manufacturers group.

    We have established the evaluation system for suppliers , screening the prime supplier to established long-term stable strategic cooperative relationship; our suppliers are the world's leading supplier of fish meal and fish oil producers, including Corpesca S.A. ?Hayduk,? Copeinca, CFG Investment, , Tecnológica de Alimentos SA, , Camanchaca, ?Yashaswi , Mukka, ?Centroma, Copelit S.A.R.L .? and ??domestic crude fish oil supplier such as Rongcheng Haida Fisheries Co., Ltd.

    The company’s suppliers are among the leading fishmeal and crude fish oil producers in the world including Camanchaca, Corpesca S.A. , Hayduk, Tecnológica de Alimentos SA, Copeinca, Exalmar, Pacific Star, Daybrook, Yashaswi. The Company’s major suppliers of Chinese crude fish oil include Rong Cheng Haida Fisheries and Rongcheng Shidaoshengda Fish Oil Refinery among others.